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What we do


Build Your Own Brand is WCC's in-house marketing and webdesign platform, for all your online needs!

  • Social Media Marketing across platforms

  • Website design & testing

  • Brand enhancing & networking


Want to learn how to code? 

Unsure about which language to start of with?

Join us at World Can Code to help you learn the language of the future!


Trying to figure out technology? Need some tips and trick? Have no clue how to use that phone lying in your drawer?

Check out our videos on how to use tech!

Can't find what you're looking for? Pop us a question and lets make a video for you.



We design websites that cater to your exact needs! 

business sites, flash websites,

e commerce shops, landing pages, personal blogs and much more!

The MS Package

Learn Microsoft Office Word to deliver the best documents and most professional papers.

Microsoft Office Power point for the professional presentations you want.

Microsoft Office Excel to crunch and analyse those numbers you need to submit.   

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